• order fulfillment

      Order Fulfillment

      At the heart of SKU2U’s service offering is our Pick and Pack Service. Most of our clients sell product to end users. Our main focus is getting that order packaged correctly and out the door as soon as humanly possible.

      We utilize several customized systems to assist in getting your order right each and every time. Each client is assessed during the onboarding process and we customize our systems around their platform(s) and needs.

      SKU2U integrates with YOUR systems, not the other way around. So rest assured, no matter how you receive orders, SKU2U will find a way to make it work between your systems and our Warehouse.

      On average, SKU2U sends over 7,000 small parcel shipments each and every day. We can accommodate clients that send us 1 order at a time or thousands. It all depends on your needs.

      Our pricing is very competitive. We do not have a “one size fits all” pricing structure. We look into your sales, estimated sales, frequency of shipments and come up with a service fee that suits your business, not ours.

    • pick and pack

      Pick and Pack

      SKU2U’s pick and pack systems are so unique and out of the box that many automation providers can not recommend changes to our systems. We constantly assess the data coming to us and invent new ways of handling the volumes of orders we receive.

      On our busier days, SKU2U can process and ship more than 70,000 orders from a single warehouse. Because of the way we handle our data, it guarantees that the proper product goes out with your order.

      This is how we can maintain an Accuracy rate higher than 99.9%. This also means that we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

      Although we guarantee next day fulfillment, almost every order that comes to us before noon is sent same day, and most orders that are received prior to 4PM are also sent Same Day. All express shipments are guaranteed same day if received before 4PM.

      At SKU2U, we focus on accuracy and are constantly perfecting our process. All this means no unhappy customers for your business.

    • kitting


      In many cases, especially if you are sending the same items multiple times, it may be more beneficial for SKU2U to pre-kit your items. By choosing this option, you no longer pay the per-item pick fee.

      We will determine with you a fair Kitting price up front and make the amount of kits you would like for the day, month or even year. We constantly assess our client’s volumes and generally will be the one to recommend this cost saving service.

    • logistics


      SKU2U manages and maintains a wide array of inventory coming from all across the globe. Through the relationships we have built, we have been able to strategically move inventory from country to country, facility to facility and finally to your customer.

      We use every type of transportation mode available and have mastered the processes involved in getting your items where they need to go, when they need to be there, at a cost that suits your needs.

      Logistics is filled with ‘Red Tape’ at every touch point, let SKU2U handle the red tape, while you focus on your black line.

    • LTL/FTL


      SKU2U maintains a vast array of freight providers to find you the best possible rate for your Less-Than-Truckload and Full-Truckload Shipments. We compile your outgoing inventory, palletize it according to your specifications and ship it with the carrier that has the most ‘open lanes’ available. All that said, you receive the fastest shipping option at the lowest possible cost.

      In the same manner, you can count on SKU2U to move product from your manufacturer or your location to our warehouse. We handle it all. We can accommodate any size shipment coming into our facility and take care of all the red tape associated with it. All you do is place the call or write the email to let us know.

      Small Parcel Services

      SKU2U maintains a very aggressive account with both FedEx and USPS. This means that in most case(s) we can offer you a very competitive small parcel shipping rate. We pass our discounts and savings right on to you. Again, the goal is always to help increase your bottom line.

    • warehousing


      In line with our Inventory Management services, we offer a full suite of Warehousing services to all of our clients. Your inventory will be stored within our warehousing network depending on where you would like to sell and ship your product.

      We currently have locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. New locations are coming frequently, so if we launch a warehouse in a country or location that better suits your product, rest assured that your inventory can be transferred to any of our locations within our network without delay.

      Your inventory is guaranteed to be stored using internal location mapping so you know where your inventory is resting at any time.

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