• Contact Center


    From phone calls and emails, to chats and trouble tickets, we have handled a wide variety of communications on our clients behalf. Our support agents are eloquent and well versed on your...

    95% of calls are answered in 10 Seconds or less

    Our Contact Center is so much more than a PBX System and phone lines. We have found and customized the most state-of-the-art system possible to handle your communications. We can provide your...

    Average provisioning time: 1-2 days
    that work
    Auto Attendant Included:

    All SKU2U Contact Center clients receive a powerful Auto Attendant at no additional charge. This auto attendant can be setup so that certain calls...

    Call Back Rate: Less than 5%
    that pay

    In general, SKU2U Fulfillment offers contact center services at a fraction of the price of most contact center providers. Many ask us how we are able to provide our clients with rates this...

    Average savings: 25-30%
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